10 Affordable Ideas to Design Your Small Living Room

Small living Room Design Ideas

Interior designing is a tricky process. It can be especially hard when you don't know anyone who can help and don't want to spend extra money on consultants or designers. Your living room is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. You need to design it so that it reflects your personality and liking. To design it in your way, you will be bombarded with many ideas on the internet and you will get tired from trying to follow each one of them.

To make your job easier, we have listed 10 easy ways to design your living room.

  • Don't Ignore Your Walls:- Often than not, we don't pay much heed to walls while decoring the living room. Walls are as much important as the floor area and can play a substantial role in making your living room look modern and ultra-chic. Paint your walls with a shade of white you like to make the room look bigger. And then decorate one of the walls with colorful photo frames, paintings, art, furnishings, etc, to make it the highlight of your room.

  • Go for Lean and Sleek Furniture:- Decorating smaller spaces often leads to mishaps if not properly planned. Do not overcrowd your living room with too many furniture items. Select those furniture items that can fit in your room and also make it look spacious. Small living rooms often have sleek and lean furniture pieces that are according to the size of the room. Compact and horizontal loft units are a great option for storage spaces that can give your room a contemporary vibe.

  • Experiment with Fabrics:- Too many colors can again make your living room an eye-sore. That's the reason why one should leave the walls white or give them a light color. However, to make your living room edgy and give it a character, you can choose different fabrics for your sofa, chair, or cushions. Go for cotton, leather, or velvet upholstery for furniture, and choose warm colors that don't hurt the eye. Add a rug to the living room so that it offers an inviting vibe.

  • Choose your Theme Wisely:- No matter how small or big your place is, you need a theme so that your decor process don't lose track. A theme is a vision of your dream living room and can only come to life if planned accordingly. Small spaces often go for minimalistic or bohemian themes. While a minimalistic theme can make your space look chic and classy, a bohemian theme can make your space look artsy and exotic. Select a theme based on your personality and preferences.

  • Give a makeover to the TV unit area:- TV unit area is an integral part of your living room. People normally don't browse many ideas when it comes to setting up the TV unit area. The wall that you can highlight all your decor on can be the wall you set your TV on. If you plan well then it can turn out great. Also, choose an eye-catching and unique TV shelf that can enhance the look of your TV unit area.

  • Prefer Customized Furniture:-An ideal set of furniture in the living room involves a set of sofas and chairs. Although they are quite functional, they take up too much space and may not be feasible for your small living room. Customized furniture is made according to your specifications and requirements. You can design your furniture the way you live and the pieces can be set in your living room perfectly. It may be a little bit expensive but it can give your room an effortless look.

  • Add Some Hanging Planters:- Any living room needs a touch of natural green to it. Plants can make the place look lively and fresh. The atmosphere of the space gets much calmer with indoor plants around. If you do not have much space to keep the plants then you can buy plant hangers to hang them on your balconies or walls. In this way, they won't take floor space and also be a part of your decor. 

  • Opt for Functional Pieces:- Storage is a major issue in small spaces. Hence, always keep storage in mind when you start your decor process. Along with the color, texture, and look of your furniture choices also keep storage space or facility as a deciding factor. Modern furniture comes in multi-utility sets and also provides multiple solutions to common problems. Sofas, side tables, Tv units, etc., smartly ingrain storage spaces in them so that customers can gain more in terms of utility. 

  • Don't Forget the Lights:- Lights are a very important part of the decor. Good lighting would provide a good reflection of your furniture and will make their designs, colors, and textures stand out. But bad lighting would hamper your decor. So choosing the correct lights and where to place them is a very important task. Nowadays table lights, wall lights, or floor lamps come in contemporary designs to elevate your decor. Choose the design wisely and in co-ordination with the theme.

  • Select Coffee and Side Tables Wisely:- Coffee tables and side tables are necessary for every living room. They are functional and quite convenient. To make your small living room look bigger, go for mirrored side tables instead of wooden ones. To give your living room an edge, choose side tables that are colorful and bright. Different shapes and designs in coffee tables would also be a good option to give your space a varied structure. 

Summing it up 

You don't need an interior designer to design your small abode. What you need is a vision and a platform that offers you customized solutions. Q interior can be your furniture providing partner and cater to all your needs and find solutions to all your furniture problems.


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