6 Tips to Help You in Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchen Remodelling

A kitchen has its own world inside a house. This world deserves its due credit for pouring hustle and love all day long. Modern homes have unified dining and kitchen space, making the kitchen much more than just a place to cook. Good vibes are very important at a place where you cook and eat, which is where an aesthetically pleasing interior décor for the kitchen comes into the picture. When remodelling the kitchen, most people look for an elegant kitchen design that is functional and can be cleaned easily. But remodelling a kitchen takes just as much effort and time as building a new one. So to make sure it's done right, you need to keep in mind a few factors that make for a perfect kitchen. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Opt for smart storage solutions:  No matter how many trends come and go, the foremost thing that people would always want in their kitchen is enough storage space. As Indians, we all have numerous appliances and utensils and not enough storage space for them in our kitchen. That is why these things end up swarming our cabinets. It is very important to know which appliances are used frequently and where do you want them in your kitchen. Smart storage spaces like kitchen cabinets, base units, and tall units form a fundamental part of modern kitchen design. They are practical, stylish, and maximize the use of space to increase storage capacity. A dedicated space for the pots and pans in addition to enough walkway space in the kitchen is all one can ask. 
  • Incorporate bold colours: Most often than not, homes with the most beautiful interior décor have the most basic and out-dated kitchen designs. That’s because kitchen spaces are not given the due attention and are solely built on comfort and function. But that could make your kitchen look odd in comparison to the rest of your home. Unify the kitchen by giving it a similar theme that’s prevalent in other areas of your house. Instead of typical colours like brown, neutral, beige, or cream, go for something bold. A combination of a lighter and a darker shade of one colour can give your kitchen an interesting twist. Rich colours like teal blue, purple, orange, and burgundy are in trend these days. In addition to that matte or lustrous textures can give your kitchen an elegant and luxurious look.
  • Fix the lighting: Kitchens are usually set in the corner of the house. They can seem dull due to the lack of proper lighting. A well-lit kitchen enhances the décor and makes cooking even more convenient. Traditional lights only focus on the area near to it and make the farther areas look flat. Modern lighting appliances offer customized lighting solutions for your kitchen space. The designs can turn a normal kitchen into a high-end one. Skylights, multi-light pendants, dimmers, and chandeliers can give your kitchen a chic and ultra-modern look. As for the daytime, make sure the kitchen has enough window space to allow the natural light to reflect on everything properly.
  • Plan the layout: To merge your selected wall cabinets, base units, countertop, flooring tiles and appliances into one beautiful design, selecting a layout is very important. Every home is different and with it comes different wishes and desires to decorate it. Hence, a modular kitchen design is the best option. It fits your space the way you want and is designed to fulfill your individual functional needs. The most common designs are: a) L Shaped Kitchen layout – With countertops perpendicular to form an L shape, it is versatile and multi-purpose. b) Straight kitchen layout – A standard layout for small and medium-sized homes. It has a straight structure and is compact in size.
  • Select the right material: The use of high-quality material is an equally important factor for remodelling a kitchen. Materials that are long-lasting, durable, sustainable and environment-friendly, should be used in your kitchen. A kitchen is a place where there is a lot of water usage so you might want to make sure if the material is water-resistant. In case you are opting for wood, make sure it is of the highest quality and is termite-resistant. High-density fibreboard with laminate finish can be a great choice for the cabinets. The lamination is moisture-resistant and also looks sleek and shiny, offering an enduring finish. As for countertops there are various beautiful options like granite, marble, stainless steel, soapstone, etc. that offer strength along with great aesthetics.
  • Let technology be the guide: Modern kitchens go hand in hand with the improvement in technology. Smart kitchens overcompensate on functional needs because of the technological upgrade they offer. Integrating the latest technology in various elements of the kitchen can give you a multi-purpose utility design. The technological upgrade is available in all the factors we discussed above, be it lighting, materials, or storage solutions. One should make full use of the technological advancement in face of built-in appliances, LED lights, sliding cabinets, pop-up shelves, and environment-friendly materials that has made the life in kitchen more convenient.

Summing it up:

A great way to assemble units for your kitchen is to look for and buy them online. There are numerous different options for designs, materials, and storage solutions available. Online websites offer the latest trends faster and provide modular solutions as well. You would be able to tick this list with the convenience of being at your home.


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