7 Important Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Pedestal Unit

Pedestal Units

It is normal to get nervous when it comes to furniture shopping. It happens to the best of us. Buying a piece of furniture can be intimidating because we not only need to select a product based on our preferences but there are also various other factors involved that we need to think about. When it comes to office furniture, functionality is of utmost priority but different furniture pieces come with different factors that need to be checked. 

In the office, one of the most used types of furniture is a pedestal unit. A Pedestal unit is a box-like storage box that complements the workstation. It is a private storage space for the employee that is placed below the workstation to keep files, documents, and other belongings.

Let’s see what factors you need to keep in mind while buying a pedestal unit:  

  • Size of the unit:- A pedestal unit is usually placed under the workstation. Together, they form the complete office set required. That’s why while selecting a pedestal unit you need to figure out the dimensions of both the workstation and the pedestal drawer. When they are proportionate to each other, it not only saves space but also looks like a complete set. When you are about to buy a pedestal unit online, search for its dimensions in the description of the product. 

  • Material of the pedestal unit:- Selecting the right material for the pedestal unit is very important. Being a storage unit, it needs to be durable and long-lasting. The material of the storage unit may differ from the material of the workstation. But the most important factor is the quality of the material. If you want a wooden pedestal unit, make sure it is made out of HDHMR board. It is density and moisture resistant so the look of your pedestal unit will not wear out and it is very strong which means that it will make the pedestal unit last many years. 

  • No. of drawers:- The most popular types of pedestal units have either two or three drawers. Based on the storage needs of your company and especially your employees, you need to decide which one you would like to buy. Three drawer pedestal units usually have box/box/file configuration. It means that the third drawer is slightly deeper and bigger to store files and important documents. You can also browse for pedestal units with three different drawer depths also known as pencil/box/file, with the first one meant for stationery and small items. 

  • Mobility of the unit:- There are two qualities of good furniture and both are equally essential. One is strength and the second is durability. Great quality furniture is light in weight but at the same time has the required durability. The pedestal unit should be easily moveable for various reasons. In case you want a mobile pedestal unit, check for furniture levellers. If you are buying a pedestal unit online, make sure to check the description to know about leg type and levellers.  

  • Locks and handles:- A pedestal unit is a private storage space for employees. Every employee gets a separate pedestal unit with a workstation to keep documents, files, and other belongings. For safety purposes, make sure you select a pedestal unit with a lock. Easy lock accessibility is also a crucial factor when you decide to buy a pedestal unit. Convenient and accessible drawer handles are also important. Unique or quirky handles should not miss out on their function. 

  • Assembly type:- There are different kinds of assembly requirements when it comes to furniture. This is also a factor that you should think about when buying a pedestal unit. Ready to assemble a furniture type is a form of furniture that requires customer assembly. It is convenient when you are buying a single furniture product. However, in case you are buying pedestal units for the whole office, you would prefer carpenter assembly.   

  • Colour and design:-  Along with the function and storage, the look of the pedestal unit is equally important. The design of the pedestal unit can be broad, slim, or regular. If you want your pedestal units to complement your workstation, then buy a pedestal unit whose colour and design complement your workstation. The finishing of the material is important as well. Choose a finishing that makes your unit look sleek and stylish. 

Summing it up 

We hope that these tips helped you know about all the crucial factors before buying a pedestal drawer. There is a vast variety of options and trends in both form and function available online. Browse through various designs and select the best piece of furniture for you. 


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