Brilliant Interior Decor Ideas for Indian Homes

Interior decor ideas for Indian homes

When it comes to home design and furnishing, Indians have their own distinct taste and preferences. This is the reason why as soon as you enter an Indian home, you get its feeling. Everything from sofas, rugs, paintings, wall colors, curtains, and chairs give you a vibe of Indian ethnicity. However, India is changing fast with time. Adaptability to technology and changing trends have made India modern. In an evolving country, why should our homes give the same vibe?

Its time to transform your home by adapting new trends while keeping your traditional taste intact. You can give your home a fresh look, by just following few tips given below: 

Don't buy in sets:

A decade ago, buying furniture in a set seemed like a compulsion. But things have changed. Mismatching your furniture by selecting different designs, textures, and colors from each piece can give your decor a refreshing look. Buying different furniture pieces can give you the liberty to choose what you like and co-ordinate things using your imagination and taste. Let the interior designer in you discard the standard departmental furniture sets. 

Select Modular designs:

Moduler Kitchen

Modern Indian homes are compact as compared to the ones we lived in our childhood. In smart cities, with smart homes that occupy smart families who use smartphones, regular furniture doesn’t fit. When it comes to your kitchen or wardrobe, you should opt furniture design for small houses that are effective in functionality and smart in structure while looking stunning and creating an impression. 

Go with the Aesthetics:

For the longest time, we as Indians chose sustainability over aesthetics when it came to decor. There is nothing wrong with wanting your furniture to endure wear and tear of the Indian family hustle. But the issue lies in having the misconception that artistic and aesthetically pleasing things are nothing but fragile. It’s time we start to add some color and texture to our home, buy different styles of furniture and go with trendy themes. Spending a little time on your thoughts will help you choose from the various contemporary interior design styles that can suit your taste and personality.

Get clever storage solutions:

What to do with all the vessels, huge festive drums, rusty pipes, old pictures, clothes, plumbing, and gardening tools? It's a shame that most houses today don't have storage place as big as a room to keep all their belongings of a lifetime. Instead of getting rid of things, build clever storage places in your home. Segregate things according to their size and frequency of their use and buy multiuse units to store them. With their compact looking design, radiant finish and sturdy material, they solve the storage problem in a classy and fashionable way. 

Experiment with materials:

Small Home Design

The texture and upholstery is the fundamental aspect of any furniture. Experimenting with different elements will make your home decor seem exclusive and luxurious. Choosing upholstery fabrics like leather or velvet for your living room sofa or dining room chairs will give your home a new character. High-quality fabrics are a one-time investment. They are as durable as they are stylish. They can withstand extra wear and tear and give the furniture a wrinkle-free look for a long time. After all, comfort and assurance in daily use are the main aspects that define luxury in furniture. 

Add more flavor:

Modern ideas don't necessarily have to be western. You can implement your ethnicity and culture in a modern way. Indian homes need to be inspired by the warm and colorful flavor of the country. Let your home reflect your rich heritage by accessorizing it with handicrafts. They add a regal and exotic look to your home. Add in vibrant side tables and colorful ottomans to the list of your interior design ideas for living room, to give your home a warm and welcoming effect. 

Summing it up

The only way to know whether you can adapt something new or not is through learning about it. You can surf all the latest trends in home decor and new furniture designs on the internet. Many informative websites have solutions to the difficulties one goes through while updating their decor. If the new trends aren't available in your nearest store, you can always buy your furniture online and get it delivered to you. 


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