How to Give Your Living Room a Complete Makeover?

How to give your living room a complete makeover?

Does your living room still have a 90's vibe to it? If yes, then it's time to step up the game and give your space a makeover. A living room is the heart of a home. Decorating a room that welcomes your loved ones in your home should be at the top on your priority list. While renovating the entire room is too much a hassle, few instrumental changes in accordance with your furniture, will completely change the ambiance of the room and make it look ultra-modern.

Here's a list of thing you should keep in mind while transforming your living room:

What's the Theme: Deciding a theme is the fundamental step. It is important to visualize the look around a specific idea or style so that your furniture choices can complement one another. Classic, minimalistic, contemporary, transitional, rustic and urban modern are the few trending themes to choose from. While each has its unique look and finish, you need to make sure the theme suits the set-up of your home, your preferences, and your lifestyle. The functionality, geometry, composition, and design of your sofas, chairs, and tables will represent the theme you select.

Color POP:

Color POP

Choose a color that will go with your theme. The right color palette for your furniture will set the tone and mood of the room. Most often, the popular choices are neutral colors because they are a safe option. For a change, you can add a color pop by choosing a bright color for your sofa or chair. It will not only stand out but will also elevate the look of your room.

Keep the Space in Mind: Magazines and advertisements can lure you into wanting the most spectacular and grandeur furniture designs. Before buying them, you need to first see whether the furniture even fits in your room. All the trendy and modern furniture in the world is of no use if it doesn't look good in your room. For a cramped room, you can opt for designs that are compact and can make your room look spacious. For a large hall, you can opt for designs that fill up space wisely. A little creative thinking is what you need, to set your choice of furniture in the living room.

It's all about the Texture:

The true hero of any furniture design is its texture. It intensifies the color of the furniture and affects its overall look. Rich textures like leather or velvet make the furniture look luxurious and elegant. Moreover, high-quality textures are very comfortable and inviting. They can make your home look warm and cosy. You can easily fall asleep on a leather chair while watching TV or listening to songs. The smoothness and shine of the textures make the furniture hard to ignore.

Accessorize Around: One of the best and most affordable ways to give a makeover to your living room is through accessorizing it. Good lighting, beautiful paintings, soft cushions, exotic rugs, and fresh plants can make your living room look more welcoming. You can even add a side table or a pouffee to your living room to set the bar high. The trendiest choices in design and contrasting tones to your sofa or chair can give your room an edgy look.

Buy it Online: The most convenient way to shop is to get your furniture online. It gives you the liberty to shop in the privacy and comfort of your home. You will get a vast variety of options to choose from. Moreover, informative websites will help you stay updated on the latest trends. Precise information about the product and customer reviews on it will help you make the right choice. Redefine your furniture shopping experience by getting the most stylish and modern furniture delivered to you at your home.

Summing it up: By implying these suggestions, voice out your imagination and inspiration through the decor of your living room. It doesn't need to be expensive but just like art, it needs efforts and creativity. Instead of speaking about any trend or design, your decor should speak about YOU.


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