Tips to Make Your Furniture Last Longer

Tips to Make Your Furniture Last Longer

How many of us are super conscious about the impression that we might impart on our guests when they visit our home for the first time? Or when you have some family members coming over and you are absolutely daunted of the judgmental remarks that are thrown at you? A good many of us we guess. Our homes speak volumes about our lifestyles and personalities in entirety. That is why a good portion of people makes profound efforts to make their house look better than just average. It has become more of a translation of the kind of status and power that they hold in society.

Thanks to the ever thriving world of interior design, we have now got furniture alteration options for every living corner of house space. A hefty amount of money is spent on adorning the living spaces with furniture pieces that are nothing short of regality. This is because we as humans have a tendency or a need to impress other humans. Now, in this mad scene, one might wonder about how to take care of wood furniture after investing in it? Or about how to clean wood furniture to make it last longer? Do not wander too much readers, we have got you here. Following are the do’s and don’ts of maintaining furniture for durability and strength.

The things you should not be doing (Don’ts):

  • The easiest remedy to dust accumulation on wooden furniture for most Indian households would be dusting with a dry cloth. Now, that is a terrible idea. Dry cloth dusting might render your furniture with scratches and stains. That will punch a hole in your heart and well, your wallet too.

  • Dusting is definitely a good way to ensure routine cleanliness in the house but to the people who get polishing done regularly as well, here’s a reality check! You cannot do it is what you have to know. If you have been thinking about how to protect the wooden dining table in your dining room, here is your answer. Do not use any polish on it because it might expose the furniture to chemicals that can seep into the wood grains and cause irreversible damages.

  • One must abstain from placing their furniture items in spots that receive direct and intense exposure to sunlight. The high temperature can damage or wear out the furniture pieces way before the ideal time. Highly humid areas are to be avoided as well.

  • This one is very obvious but some people end up doing it anyway. You should not place sharp objects over your wooden tables because they can potentially render scratches and unwanted dents on them.

  • To all the hot cooks out there, you must not place your hot cooked meals directly on the dining table in any case at all. It can severely damage the surface of the table. Try using coasters or trivets as a surface on which you place them to avoid direct contact with the table. Not to mention wood can catch fire quickly and can cause a potential hazard.

Here are the things that you should do (Do's):

  • Dusting should definitely be done regularly but one should use soft and clean cloth pieces that are dampened with water in order to do it. Most importantly, do not rub the cloth in a harsh manner. Go soft on it like you would with your favorite accessory.

  • When we have clothes to fit on different occasions, why shouldn’t our tables have ones to fit them? Try covering your wooden tables with table cloths or plastic dressings to protect them from harmful UV rays. This will protect your furniture while giving it a touch of poise.

  • You sure can’t stop liquid spill mishaps on your tables, but what you can do is make sure they don’t sit there for long. You must wipe a spill at the soonest possible hour so as to avoid stubborn stains.

  • Today most furniture pieces have detailed carvings on them which makes it harder for us to clean. In this case, you can use toothbrushes or small sizes brushes to wipe out dust from the creeks.

  • There are always DIY solutions to the problem of using chemical polishes. You can make your own polishing solutions at home with natural agents with the utmost ease.

Here was everything that you would have needed to know about maintaining your furniture pieces for durability and long term quality. So, the next time you have people coming over, you can worry about what you’re going to feed them because the rest can be taken care of with these tiny but persistent efforts. Keeping up with new trends or everchanging interior décor ideas is not enough. It is what you do after investing in those ideas that makes a difference.


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